Bethel United Reformed Church

Smithers, BC
Audio Files Summer 2012
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20120930 p.m. James Folkerts

1 Corinthians 13

The Patience of Love


20120930 a.m. Hugo VanderHoek

Haggai 1
Sermon by pastor Mitch Persaud

What business are you in?


20120916 p.m. Lou Slagter

The creation of angels


20120916 a.m. Lou Slagter

Hannah's Song


20120909 p.m. Lou Slagter

God creates heaven and earth


20120909 a.m. Lou Slagter

Hannah fulfils her vows


20120902 p.m. James Folkerts

Jesus calms the storm


20120902 a.m. Dick Adema

Sermon by Pastor Keith Davies

Divine Inspection


20120826 p.m. Lou Slagter

Blessed Trinity


20120826 a.m. Lou Slagter

Lord's Supper Celebration.
Because of technical difficulties the recording starts partly into the sermon.
1 Samuel 1: 1-20

God Almighty hears our prayers


20120819 p.m. Lou Slagter

Our Only Rule For Faith and LIfe


20120819 a.m. Lou Slagter

Hannah's Barrenness


20120812 p.m. Lou Slagter

The Holy Scriptures


20120812 a.m. Lou Slagter

Adult baptism: Tiffany Bandstra
Profession of faith:  Lorne Braam, Mark Meima, Rick Meima.
2 Peter 3: 8-18

Living in Light of God's Promised Future


20120805 p.m. Lou Slagter

The Day of the Lord


20120805 a.m. Lou Slagter

God's Infallible Word


20120729 p.m. Lou Slagter

2 Peter 2: 1-3, 17-22

Springs without water


20120729 a.m. Lou Slagter

God's Revelation of Himself.


20120722 p.m. Lou Slagter

Aspects of falsehood


20120722 a.m. Lou Slagter

Our God, the overflowing fountain of all good


20120715 p.m. Lou Slagter

Our perfectly just God


20120715 a.m. Lou Slagter

God's family in Christ


20120708 p.m. Lou Slagter

Romans 11: 33-36
Our Perfectly Wise God

Our Perfectly Wise God


20120708 a.m. Lou Slagter

Luke 15.         Re-admission S. Meerdink

God's amazing love


20120701 p.m. James Folkerts

Luke 6

Preparedness For One Anothering


20120701 a.m. Rob Meima

Genesis 1
Sermon by pastor Keith Davis

In The Beginning